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Billie Breskin is a sophomore concentrating in English. Additional areas of study include art history, cultural criticism, film, and dance. Born and raised in San Francisco, Billie fell in love with fashion through the costumes she saw at the San Francisco Ballet while a student there. An obsession with black-and-white films, introduction to 70s rock, and discovery of thrifting all led her further down the rabbit hole. Nowadays, she enjoys looking at fashion through the lenses of theory and history, examining the cultural and societal factors that go into new design, and exploring the role of fashion in our rapidly changing world.  



Avni Rajpal is a first-year student at Brown University on the editorial board for f@b. She has lived in New York City her whole life, but is also really connected to her cultural roots in India. Her plan right now is to double concentrate in business-economics and behavioral decision sciences, but that’s subject to change. She is really inspired by all famous designers, but especially the haute couture of Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik shoes, as well as fashion of the Rococo era. One of her favorite fashion-related activities is listening to interviews with costume designers, and listening to how they enhance character’s narratives with their outfit choices. In her free time, she loves to read (all genres, but especially crime fiction), write poetry, and browse Pinterest for new fashion finds.


Thalia Bonas is a Junior studying English, Computer Science and Visual Arts at Brown University. She is Israeli, French and English and was born and raised in London. She has been part of Fashion at Brown since she was a freshman and has been a Director of the Editorial Department for the past two years. She is a massive fashion enthusiast, with a particular obsession with boots and evening dresses. Outside of f@b, she is the Outreach Chair of Brown Investing Group as well as being a member of the Retail/Consumer Goods Research Committee; she illustrates for Post- magazine and writes for various publications at Brown.



Cadence ‘Catie’ Summers is a sophomore from Amherst, New Hampshire. She is double concentrating in cognitive neuroscience and architecture. She is also a member of the varsity field hockey team. Although her love of athletics and visual arts rarely crosses, feeding both passions is key to identity as a whole. Her love for art and fashion blossomed from films such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Parent Trap with Natasha Richardson’s lovable portrayal of the world renowned wedding dress designer, Elizabeth James. Catie also has studied art throughout her academic career, completing an AP Art portfolio her senior year of high school and establishing her own art business Catie’s Customizations during the pandemic so she could continue to develop her love for painting and design. By joining F@B, she hopes to take her affinity of fashion to the next level and experience all the parts of the fashion industry, particularly editorials.


Joshua Abramovich is a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying architecture. His interests also include fashion, philosophy, and digital art. Most recently, his work was featured by Prada, Women’s Wear Daily, and What Even Is Fashion Technology podcast. Born and raised in New York, Joshua developed a fascination with the ways design influences society. He has been a member and editorial director of Fashion@Brown for the past three years. Joshua is also a frequent contributor to Paprika!, Postmarked, and ArchiSoup.

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